Peace In Valor provides support to our veterans and their families who are struggling with transition into the civilian world post-service, or are struggling with resiliency, as well as the survivors of those soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

At Peace in Valor, we believe in the power God provides us to heal and the grace He gives us to live life, and to live it abundantly. As Veterans ourselves, we understand first-hand the effects of war and the stress that serving our great nation can sometimes have on our emotional well-being. Therefore, all donations and profits from every item sold are used to support to our warriors who are struggling with simply living. 

Our hope is to provide awareness and support for those who are serving and have served our nation selflessly. And to help them find the freedom they so deserve.

Our Disciplined Mind Veterans Program provides mentorship and coaching to veterans who are struggling with transition into the civilian world, or just want to find out how to create a life they design, rather than live a life by default. It's not easy, but we are here to help. Our strategies help veterans take control of their thoughts rather than let their thoughts control them. We teach a Disciplined Mind. Rather than a burden to choose their own "what" and "why" post-service, they can have the clarity of what they want and why, and we give them the confidence to move forward.

Learn more about our Give a Bottle and Give a Kit Campaigns here.

We would be honored to come share our mission, services, and products with you at your next event, party, or class. We will travel according to event size, so contact us to find out how we can support you. 

We believe that veterans can enjoy a life of purpose and a life of joy and freedom after their service to the nation.
— Samara Elledge, Peace in Valor

our vision

  • Serving those who serve, and their families, who are struggling with transition

  • Providing Coaching & Mentorship programs to Veterans struggling with transition & resiliency

  • Connecting those struggling with transition & resiliency to resources that provide a holistic approach to healing

  • Create a community that serves and cares for our Veterans and their Families

  • Create a Ranch where Veterans and Families can spend time resting and learning holistic coping mechanisms for living life with PTSD